FICTION | 2010 | FILM: 143 MIN. | SERIES: 13 X 12 MIN. | FRENCH

After weeks of walking, Joel and Chloe succeed in finding a community of survivors. For this last season, Joel is finally reunited with Max. This oasis makes them forget, only for a short while, about the perils of their frozen environment. But another enemy awaits them; human nature in survival mode. While the situation deteriorates, the leader of the community, Philippe, and his accomplice Raymond, make everything they can to keep control over the community.

[one-half first="yes"]Director Eric Piccoli Writers Eric Piccoli, Julien Deschamps Jolin, Mario J. Ramos, Félix Rose Producer Marco Frascarelli Coproducers Eric Piccoli, Roberto Mei Content producer (CBC) Pierre-Mathieu Fortin Script mentor Jean-François Rivard An original creation by Babel films With the financial participation of Ici — Tou.tv (Radio-Canada)[/one-half][one-half]Cinematography Cédric Martinez Art director Roberto Mei Costumes, MUA Mia Van Der Heyden, Marie-France Richard Editing Élisa Ruggiero, Eric Piccoli Visual effects Philippe Toupin, Alexandre Morin, Eric Piccoli Soundman Ian Ellemo Sound design, mix Alexandre Charrier Original music Guillaume Fortin[/one-half]
[one-half first="yes"]Julien Deschamps Jolin Élisabeth Locas Marc Fournier Jean-Nicolas Verreault Pierre Verville Viviane Audet[/one-half][one-half]Mathieu Dufresne Valérie Gervais Lillo Audrey Lessard Rancourt André Nadeau Joel Gauthier Lily Thibeault[/one-half]
Screenings and awards
  • Nominee: International Digital Emmy Awards – 2013, USA
  • Winner: Best series — Prix Gémeaux – 2012, Canada
  • Nominee: Prix NUMIX – 2012, Canada
Press and reviews
« Great Quebec production! » — Dominic Arpin, 7 jours « Time out is a captivating story about the end of the world in which we explore how the world can change and the need for human to survive, even in the worst circumstances. » — mouviz.com « The images are raw, the feelings too. No "time out" in these episodes. Every image is at its place and contributes to the atmosphere. » — Amélie Roy, dimanchematin.com