FICTION | 2010 | FILM: 143 MIN. | SERIES: 13 X 12 MIN. | FRENCH

After weeks of walking, Joel and Chloe succeed in finding a community of survivors. For this last season, Joel is finally reunited with Max. This oasis makes them forget, only for a short while, about the perils of their frozen environment. But another enemy awaits them; human nature in survival mode. While the situation deteriorates, the leader of the community, Philippe, and his accomplice Raymond, make everything they can to keep control over the community.

Équipe Technique

Director Eric Piccoli
Writers Eric Piccoli, Julien Deschamps Jolin, Mario J. Ramos, Félix Rose
Producer Marco Frascarelli
Coproducers Eric Piccoli, Roberto Mei
Content producer (CBC) Pierre-Mathieu Fortin
Script mentor Jean-François Rivard
An original creation by Babel films
With the financial participation of Ici — Tou.tv (Radio-Canada)
Cinematography Cédric Martinez
Art director Roberto Mei
Costumes, MUA Mia Van Der Heyden, Marie-France Richard
Editing Élisa Ruggiero, Eric Piccoli
Visual effects Philippe Toupin, Alexandre Morin, Eric Piccoli
Soundman Ian Ellemo
Sound design, mix Alexandre Charrier
Original music Guillaume Fortin


Julien Deschamps Jolin
Élisabeth Locas
Marc Fournier
Jean-Nicolas Verreault
Pierre Verville
Viviane Audet
Mathieu Dufresne
Valérie Gervais Lillo
Audrey Lessard Rancourt
André Nadeau
Joel Gauthier
Lily Thibeault

Sélections en Festivals et Prix
  • Nominee: International Digital Emmy Awards – 2013, USA
  • Winner: Best series — Prix Gémeaux – 2012, Canada
  • Nominee: Prix NUMIX – 2012, Canada
Revue de Presse

« Great Quebec production! » — Dominic Arpin, 7 jours

« Time out is a captivating story about the end of the world in which we explore how the world can change and the need for human to survive, even in the worst circumstances. » — mouviz.com

« The images are raw, the feelings too. No « time out » in these episodes. Every image is at its place and contributes to the atmosphere. » — Amélie Roy, dimanchematin.com