FICTION | 2009 | FILM: 35 MIN. | SERIES: 10 X 4 MIN. | FRENCH

September 2013, a cataclysm of unknown origins happens. Electricity shut down and it suddenly starts snowing. At the same moment, Joel leaves the city and finds shelter in the country. Having only his sketch book to draw and to keep him mentally sane, he keeps hoping for rescue even though it’s been 180 days since the world stopped. What would you do if the world took a time out?

Équipe Technique

Director Eric Piccoli
Screenwriters Eric Piccoli, Mario J. Ramos, Julien Deschamps Jolin
Producers Marco Frascarelli, Eric Piccoli
Associate producers Jonathan Dubsky
An original creation by Babel films
Cinematography Jonathan Dubsky
Art direction Brittany Maisonneuve
Costumes, MUA Mia Van Der Heyden, Marie-France Richard
Editing Simon Gaudreau, Eric Piccoli
Soundman Simon Gaudreau
Mix Alexandre Charrier
Original music Guillaume Fortin


Julien Deschamps Jolin
Elisabeth Locas

Sélections en Festivals et Prix
  • Nominee: Prix Gémeaux — 2010, Canada
  • Web Program Festival — 2010, France
  • Festival Tous Écrans — 2010, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Neatworks Film Festival —2009, Canada
  • Fantasia International Film Festival – 2009, Canada
  • Spasm Festival — 2009, Canada
Revue de Presse

‘’ A dark and brillant series. ‘’ — Journal de Montréal

« Clearly a small Quebec masterpiece. » — Audrey Gauthier, Le Délit

« We fell in love with Time out! » — Journal Metro

« WebTV’s best series. » — Étienne Marquis, TvHebdo

« Between a thriller and a science-fiction film, Time out has everything to become a real success. The pacing is slow, but the editing is tight and always keeps us on the edge of our seat. Not forget to mention the atmospheric musical soundtrack and the beautiful cinematography. » — Patrick Dion, WebTvHebdo

« I really, really loved it. It’s intelligent and well done. The cinematography is beautiful and the actors are good. The use of drawings to express what the hero is feeling is brillant. Well done. » — Sophie Lorain, Producer, director and actress