In a near future world, stressed by climate changes, energy depletion and social unrest, the Quebec Space Agency has been recruiting astronauts for the Project-M mission. The goal is to prove the feasibility of a long term space travel to Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons. To reproduce these conditions, four human beings are sent into a space station orbiting Earth at 10 000km for a 1000 days. After following a specific routine for 900 days, the astronauts’ day-to-day activities are drastically changed when they prove the existence of freshwater underneath the icy surface of Europa! The 21st century’s most important discovery! But it turns out that not everyone is happy with this situation… What was already a chaotic political situation on Earth quickly escalates into global war. Communications suddenly shut down and the team, forgotten in space, struggles to survive as their time up there is limited. Helpless and fighting for their own survival, they make another discovery that could carry mankind’s last hope.

Équipe Technique

Director Eric Piccoli
Screenwriters Eric Piccoli, Mario J. Ramos, Julien Deschamps Jolin
Producer Marco Frascarelli
An original creation by Babel films
With the financial help of the Fond Indépendant de Production
Cinematography Cédric Martinez
Production design Philippe Toupin
Art director Roberto Mei
Costumes Mia Van Der Heyden, Marie-France Richard
Editing Mario J. Ramos, Eric Piccoli
Visual effects Philippe Toupin, Cynthia Carrier, Alexandre Morin
Sound design and mix Alexandre Charrier
Original music Guillaume Fortin


Jean-Nicolas Verreault
Julie Perreault
Julien Deschamps Jolin
Nadia Essadiqi
Pierre Verville
Roberto Mei
Ted Pluviose
Marie-Ginette Guay
Raphaël Lacaille

Sélections en Festivals et Prix

Film festivals

  • Imagine Film Festival (31st) — 2016, Netherlands
  • Boston SciFi Film Festival (41st) — 2016, United-States
  • Fantasporto — Festival Internacional de Cinema do Porto (36th) — 2016, Portugal
  • Other Worlds Austin (1st) — 2015, United-States
  • Winner: Best screenplay, best editing and best music — Hamilton Film Festival (11th) — 2015, Canada
  • Hamilton Film Festival (11th) — 2015, Canada
  • Braunschweig International Film Festival — 2015, Germany
  • Festival de cine fantástico de Torremolinos — 2015, Spain
  • Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival — 2015, USA
  • Fingal Film Festival — 2015, Ireland
  • Duhok International Film Festival – 2015, Irak
  • Lone Star Film Festival – 2014, USA
  • Bueno Aires Rojo Sangre Film Festival – 2014, Argentina
  • Festival International du film de St-Sauveur – 2014, Canada
  • San Diego Film Festival – 2014, USA
  • Calgary International Film Festival – 2014, Canada

Digital and webseries festivals

  • Dublin Webfest — 2015, Ireland
  • Winner: Meilleur montage – Rio Webfest (1st) — 2015, Brazil
  • Rio Webfest — 2015, Brazil
  • Liège Webfest — 2015, Belgium
  • Bilbao Webfest — 2015, Basque country
  • Winner: Best cinematography — Raindance Web Fest — 2015, London, U.K.
  • Winner: Best image and soun – Montréal Webfest – 2015, Canada
  • Winner: Best actress, Best art direction, Best image – Francophone Webseries Festivals — 2014, France
  • Winner: Best online series – Prix Gémeaux – 2014, Canada
  • Winner: Best director – Marseille Webfest – 2014, France
  • Winner: Best francophone award – Banff World Media Festival – 2014, Canada
  • Winner: Best cinematography – Melbourne Webfest – 2014, Australia
  • Winner: Meilleure série de science-fiction, Meilleure direction photo – LA Webfest – 2014, États-Unis
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« Director does wonders with limited budget ! » — Dallas Culture Map

« It’s a gripping ride worth strapping for! » — Fresh Fiction

« 5 stars project » — Metro

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