A story by Félix Rose
FICTION | 2019 | 90 MIN. | FRENCH

The day after prom, Jawed and Pierre-Olivier (P-O) escape their routine and parents by cycling the P’tit Train du Nord, a 200 km bike path in the heart of the Laurentians. They want to meet Thi-Chan, the unattainable love of P-O, who is celebrating her after party at the end of the trail. Armand, the bohemian uncle, joins them while becoming an unexpected figure in helping the boys mature. Biking through the villages and with different encounters, Jawed and P-O slowly abandon their Smartphones and discover Quebec which, in turn, searches its identity.

Équipe Technique

Director Eric Piccoli
Screenplay Félix Rose with the help of Eric Piccoli
Producers Marco Frascarelli, Valerie Bissonnette
A coproduction between Babel films & Vélo Cité