A tower unifying new media, television and cinema.

Our goal is to reach the perfect balance between the form and the content in order to develop fiction series and documentaries that are authentic, accessible and audacious. At Babel films, we are storytellers. It is Babel’s mission statement. Babel is the team who brought you Projet-M and Temps Mort who both won “Gémeaux” awards and has been nominated at the International Digital Emmy Awards.


Making history by writing it.

Babel films was born out of a desire to create a flexible and bold production company ready to stand out in the local and international film industry. In a world where the methods of distribution, sharing and broadcasting are constantly evolving, we are always searching for the best opportunities and ways of offering our stories across various accessible platforms


A story lives while it is being told and stands out when it has been created according to the three “A” rule.

Authenticy: An author or a client proposes his unique vision. This is the seed of an ingenious idea. Accessibility: As a team, we make sure that this vision will come to fruition. Striking the perfect balance between the vision and the target audience. Audaciousness: In a production, no idea is too big. Our ambition is endless. Audaciousness also means paving the way for the future.


Our playground is the world, writing is our game and the camera is our tool for sharing stories.

Based in Montreal, Babel films believes that the digital era links the entire world and that we need to use it to our advantage. For many, moving away from local topics and going with a more generic approach is the way to get success abroad. Proud of our Quebec roots, we think otherwise. To differentiate ourselves, we need to focus on what makes us unique. Far from being a constraint, diversities are an occasion to discover ourselves in others.


Peer recognition is as important as reaching your target audience. That is why we’re always aiming for recognition and visibility both on the local and international market. Be it a Traditional festival or other events, we will be there !

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International Digital
Emmy Awards
(Time out II & III)


Banff World Media Festival
(Time out II et Project-M)


Gala des Prix Gémeaux
(Time out III et Project-M)