…because we all have to get started somewhere and for us that was our parents basement where we got our first ideas, here is our story.

Founded in 2008 by Marco Frascarelli and Eric Piccoli, two entrepreneurs different in nature but forming a complete team, are driven to bring their own twist to genre cinema . In 2009, surrounded by a creative team they hit a home run with the self financed project Time-Out. It was given critical acclaim for its unique visuals, its down-to-earth approach and its strong dramatic writing about the end of the world. Following its success, Radio-Canada offered the creators in 2010 an opportunity to make a sequel (season 2) on their new platform Precursors to the multi platform production, Time Out-Season 2, shows itself in 2011, destined to be a web series for la Toile, as a movie (on television on ARTV, on video on demand through illico and iTunes), and in short-film (less than 5 min) on the Explora channel. In 2012, Time Out – Season 3 generated a recognition from both the critically acclaimed and the public. This series was nominated at the International Digital Emmy Awards and won a Gemini award. In 2013, the production of Project-M sees the day and generated buzz as a rare science fiction proposal in Quebec. That same year, Time Out received a second nomination at the International Digital Emmy Awards. For the first few months of 2014, Project-M brought the public and the critics into space. Just like Time Out, it is a hybrid production that is simultaneously a digital series and feature film. In joining the Babel team, Félix Rose starts a documentary branch for Babel with his political movie. Avec la gauche sees the day. The year comes to an end with the filming of Yes, a documentary of two Quebecers searching for their identities during the Scottish referendum. 2015 marks changes with a new logo, name, office, and a new associate : Philippe Allard. The webseries Public writer is critically acclaimed and won the 2016 Gemini award. The year is filled with projects in development aiming to get out in 2017 and years to come : Yes, Le train du nord, Les Rose, Two, Au boute du rien pantoute, Causing chaos and many more.